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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2016

Pekalongan Designers Gives a Contemporary Twist to Batik at the 8th Pekalongan Batik Week

The young and the contemporary beautifully meets the traditional. Last night’s fashion show presented at the 8th Pekalongan Batik Week held at Pekalongan Batik Museum, Pekalongan City, Central Java, churns out modern twists to wear Indonesia’s traditional cloth—batik—that will not be out of place at a cocktail party.

The first part features four up-and-coming young designers from Gallery Indonesia WOW (presented by SMESCO Indonesia), and the ready-to-wear collections will certainly appeal to local as well as international fashionistas with bold colours and an overall casual/chic feel to them all.

Nila Kandi creates a laidback garden party vibe in her short dresses and goes a bit sporty for men with dominating colour of blue, green, and orange; meanwhile Madidi also aims for the sporty outdoors-y look embellished with batik motifs—and headpieces—from Toraja, South Sulawesi. Erdan, in turn, opts for red batik motifs to go with her black ensembles, and Yoyo Prasty goes for chic backless dresses and black shirts incorporated with batik tenun (or “batik weaving”) worn with jeans combined with a twist of golden sequin to give off that luxurious sheen.

The designers and the gallery that houses them represent SMESCO Indonesia, an offshoot from the State Minister for Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises whose mission is to nurture local talents and small business owners and assist them in promoting their brands internationally.

Mahakarya Batik Pekalongan

Mahakarya means “masterpiece”, and the collection on show to capped the opening night certainly has that timeless qualitybut of course given an exquisite current twist. The last fashion show of the day—entitled “Mahakarya Batik Pekalongan—showcased the works from nine of Batik City’s talents—Qonita, Danar Usman, Luza, Zikin, Tobal, Kalongguh, Afif Syakur, Wirokuto, and designers from Desmoka (Pekalongan City Fashion Designers)—that gives us a sneak peek at the 2017 batik trend.

Flowy dresses with capes and smart-looking suits dominates the Pekalongan designers’ collection, starting from Qonita who creates hijab-friendly dresses in gold, maroon, and cream, including an elegant bridal dress; Damar Usman presents a feminine collection in soft colours that exudes a senorita vibe due to its use of sheer materials for top and smartly combined with the much more diverse motif of batik pesisir (or literally “coastal batik” since it came from towns that are located along the northern coast of Java Island such as Cirebon, Indramayu, and Pekalongan); Afif Syakur designs an even more feminine style with pretty pink shades dominating the collection that includes the men’s shirts.

Meanwhile for those who favoured black Wirokuto’s collection named “Rommy Oktabirawa on the Dark” presents mostly elegant and edgy black dresses but contrasted with colourful capes and embellished with headpiece and asymmetrical neckline for men. (Sahiri)

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